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Ancra 8mm Chain Binder

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8mm Chain Binder

Designed for providing tension to transport chains under heavy loads, the 8mm Chain Binder is a suitable tool for industrial applications. Its robust and durable frame is designed to outlast nearly any challenge it can encounter in the industry while it provides you with a solid and reliable method of securing your loads for transit. Incredibly easy to use, this chain binder operates using a lever, offering fast and simple tensioning in just one solid push. With this leverage, the binder is able to lock itself in place after the lever rotates 180 degrees around the hinge.

Although this is a quicker way to secure your load, be aware that the lever stores a lot of built up energy, so operators need to be careful not to let the handle recoil back at them. The chain binder is engineered with a pair of durable winged grab hooks that are made from tempered and forged steel for greater durability. They have cradles on both sides of the outer jaws to prevent any deformation to the chain during the tensioning process while still allowing for the maximum lashing capacity of 3,800kg. The 8mm Chain Binder is built to comply with ASNZ 4344 2001.

8mm Chain Binder - MAXIBINDER8MM Quick Specs

  • Chain Size: 8mm
  • Chain Grade: 70
  • Type: Lever Type
  • L/C: 3,800kg
  • End Fittings: Winged Grab Hooks
  • Material: Steel
  • Finish: Powder Coat Blue
  • Complies to: ASNZ 4344 2001
  • Country Origin: China
  • Weight: 6.5kg
  • Length: 530mm
  • Width: 80mm
  • Height: 1400mm