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Ancra Clip-On Winch C/W 9.14mtr Strap

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Clip-On Winch C/W 9.14mtr Strap

When you use the effective strength of the Clip-On Winch that comes with a 9.14mtr Strap, you'll be able to effortlessly secure your loads for the long haul. This winch is engineered to provide you with a solid and reliable means of keeping your cargo efficiently immobilised, preventing everything from sliding around on the back of your flatbed trailer. Once in place along the side rail of your flatbed, the winch works together with the rest of the winch tie-down assembly to provide ideal cargo securement.

This single boss winch comes with a flexible and industrial strength 9.14 winch strap. This strap is engineered with solid webbing for greater durability. With a pair of wear sleeves included for extra resistance against durability, the strap is equipped with a hook and keeper end fitting combination. The slim hook allows for easier connection to hard-to-reach anchor points, making the job a lot simpler. The Clip-On Winch with 9.14mtr Strap is engineered to comply with AS/NZS 4380-2001 and AS/NZS 4344-2001.

Clip-On Winch C/W 9.14mtr Strap - 43564-20 Quick Specs

  • Winch Type: Single Boss
  • Attachment: Clip On
  • Overall Width: 320mm
  • Spool Width: 172mm
  • Frame Height: 414mm
  • Frame Depth: 104mm
  • Bare Mass: 8.08kg
  • Lashing: 2,500kg
  • Strap Included: 9.14mtr
  • Wearsleeves: 2 x Sleeves
  • Hook and Keeper: YES
  • Compliant: AS/NZS 4380-2001 & AS/NZS 4344-2001
  • Country Origin: China