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LED Autolamps 12-24V Electronic Load Resistor - LRM-2

  • Detects Vehicle Ohm Requirements
  • Designed for late model vehicles that display light failure warning.
  • Corrects Fast Flashing Indicators
  • IP67Rated
  • Voltage Range 9-32 Volt
  • 82mm x 64mm x 19mm

Whether upgrading your existing box trailer lights or looking to replace any one of the lights on your interstate hauling big rig you can be assured of finding the right product in the LED Autolamps range. Trusted by both manufacturers and auto electricians alike you know that fitting LED autolamp products will provide the lifetime of service you would expect of such premium lighting. Consistently innovative and regularly bringing new products to market, LED Autolamps stand up to the toughest conditions with their constant research and development to bring you a range of lights and lighting products that will go the distance.