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Penrite Convoy Mono Truck 50 Mineral Engine Oil 20 Litres


Convoy Mono Truck 50 is a monograde SAE 50 engine oil for older & classic engines formulated with high quality mineral base oil and modern additives to provide outstanding protection in diesel and petrol engines against wear, corrosion, oil oxidation and sludge.

Convoy Mono Truck 50 meets the requirements of API CF/CF-2/SF including the low ash requirements of Detroit Diesel as well as many other specifications.


Convoy Mono Truck 50 is primarily designed for use in Detroit Diesel 149 Series Two Stroke engines, but it can be used in all engines where the manufacturer specifies a SAE 50 monograde engine oil. Mono Truck 50 grade is recommended in higher ambient conditions and may also be used in manual transmissions requiring API GL1 90 or API CC/CD 50 engine oils.

Convoy Mono Truck 50 is specifically designed for use in naturally aspirated & turbo-charged diesel engines operating under severe on and off highway conditions. It is suitable for pre-1983 Japanese engines, marine applications, stationary engines (including gardening equipment and generators) as well as 4 stroke petrol engines where this grade of oil is required.

Convoy Mono Truck 50 can be used in older 4 Stroke engines that are showing signs of wear and engine oil consumption where monograde engine oils are specified by the manufacturer.

Convoy Mono Truck 50 is suitable for many older design small diesel engines used in fishing boats and trawlers, and in stationary engines. It may be used in the following engines:

Gardner-Denver Daihatsu Delta Belarus Allis Chalmers
Yanmar Detroit Diesel* Dorman Fiat Ford
Hino Iseki Honda International Isuzu
John Deere Kawasaki Shibaura Kohler Kubota
Leyland Lister Petter Lombardini Komatsu Nissan
Onan Perkins Ruston Waukesha and more

Please Note - Convoy Mono Truck 50 replaces Mono Truck 50