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Penrite P26 Multi Purpose MOS2 Lubricant 400ml

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P26 Multi-Purpose MoS2 Lubricant is an advanced formula, professional and universal automotive maintenance oil, containing molybdenum disulphide, that infiltrates, penetrates, dispels water, lubricates moving parts, acts as a contact agent (electrical), cures squeaks and creaks and protects metal against corrosion. It contains a solvent carrier that evaporates from the treated components whilst leaving a thin film of corrosion protecting oil.

P26 Multi-Purpose MoS2 Lubricant is suitable for use in all automotive, marine, industrial and domestic applications. These include drying wet automotive ignition and electrical systems and is useful in many other automotive and domestic applications such as hinges, locks, catches and other squeaking or seized moving parts. It can also be used as a corrosion protector for metal. It can be used wherever a normal penetrant or light lubrication is necessary to assist in free movement of parts. It is excellent as a penetrant pre-spray for rusted on nuts and bolts prior to disassembling corroded parts.

P26 Multi-Purpose MoS2 Lubricant can help eliminate problems by protecting exposed parts from corrosive effects of climatic conditions especially in high humidity and areas close to coastal sea and salt. It acts as a water dispelling or displacement fluid so is excellent for contact points.

P26 Multi-Purpose MoS2 Lubricant is flammable and should be kept away from flames and ignition sources. It has a non-toxic formulation and does not stain metal surfaces.

Use directly from the aerosol spray can
Spray on to problem area
Leave product for a few minutes to penetrate